Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Should I Keep?

I have traveled long, and I am weary.
I come to a bridge that I must cross,
but the bridge guard bids me to halt.
"If you want to cross the bridge,
you must give up everything,
but one thing", the guard says.

"But what if I want to keep more", I ask.
Only one thing is the reply.
I feel sad that I will have to give up
the possessions that I treasure.

Maybe I will not make a decision,
but instead just outwait the guard.
Then I reflect on the bones that I saw
of those who just sit and sit,
awaiting the external guard to leave.

I sigh and reflect on What should I keep? computer, which is used a lot.
Or maybe my cell phone, which I am glad to have.
How about my favorite book that I love to reread,
or maybe my favorite pink that I won.
Hmm...what about a gun with a bullet or maybe a rope.

However, I reflect some more and realize
that those are mere possessions.
That maybe who and not what is important.
So I reflect on my family, my parents and sibs.
Then I reflect on my long separated spouse,
who I still love from afar.
Who should I choose and why?
Would it be fair to pick only one person
and leave the others behind.

As I ponder who or maybe what, I look around.
Some just sitting there with forlorn looks.
I see some who cross sadly;
an occasional person crosses contently.
"Why are they so content?"
The thought circles around in my head.

I get up and walk around and sit back down.
All the while reflecting on "What should I keep?"
At long last, a decision comes that makes me smile.
I tell the guard, who smiles at my decision.
I cross the bridge happily with my one possession.
A possession that I can never lose,
unless I lose it. Even then, I can still get it back.
It will never die nor run away for it is mine.
From this springs all that I had and will have again.
I feel so happy for I kept hope.