Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Friendship Is Short of Time

I love to hear your voice, to listen to you talk.
Often after hanging up, I feel better.
And you tell me you feel the same.

I hope to meet you one day, but time is short.
Our friendship will not far off, be just a memory.
A memory in me, for life is short for you.

Much younger you are, but life's final chapter
is facing you squarely. No way to hide,
no way to avoid it. Sometimes, I cry inside.

I would love to meet you and see your smile,
then give you a great big hug, and then
get one of each from you.

We have talked about meeting, but money,
like our time of friendship, is short.
Therefore, we strive to enjoy what we have.

Hence, we want to enjoy our friendship,
so I will listen to you and help you,
as you will listen to me and help me.

You are and have been a great friend,
even though our friendship has not been long.
But it has been good for me and you.

Yet even though our friendship is short of time
here on earth, you will continue to live
in my heart, so our friendship will go on.

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