Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hoof Beats

I hear 16 hoof beats coming in my direction.

12 of them I ignore, but four I focus on.

Wondering if should not oppose the the swing of the scythe.

I will be taken by that instrument one day, but now?

Now, when I feel no hope inside of the blackness I am in.

I am tempted to go with those four hoof beats.

The four hoof beats are coming closer, closer, closer.

Inside the blackness of my hopelessness, I await.

I feel the four hoof beats upon me.

I feel the scythe swinging toward me.

Then  I step back in hope.

And hear the fading hoof beats galloping on.

Things may be black, but not totally.

So I am happy to have stepped back this time.


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