Thursday, July 4, 2013


So lonely,

So lonely am I .

I want to sleep with you,

not because I love you,

not because I care for you,

not because I really want to.

Nevertheless, I want to feel someone with me.

I will sleep with you,

to pretend you love me,

to pretend you care for me,

to pretend you want me.

So for a few fleeting moments,

not so lonely I will be,

or pretend to be.

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Almost Empty

Almost empty is the womb.

No one else hears me.

No one else sees me.

No one else touches me.

No one else smells me.

No one to taste me.

Almost empty in my room.

I reach out.

I hear someone.

I see someone.

I touch someone.

I smell someone.

I taste someone.

I have no doubt.

Almost empty in my tomb.