Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Other Child

My other child wants.

He always wants.

Never thinks of me, only himself.

I give in to him

because it is easier

than fighting him,

with his whines of his needs.

What about my needs?

Unimportant he believes.

Unimportant unless he wants something.

He tells me I want food now;

Now, not not in an hour. NOW!

Sigh. I feed him to shut him up.

He tells me I want this place clean;

Yet he fails to clean up after himself,

and I get blamed for the mess.

I need help with our daughter;

I'm busy he replies.

Right...busy playing his latest game.

He is still on the game hours later

when I again ask for help with our daughter.

Snidely he tells me you're the one who got pregnant.

I bite my tongue and my reply die in my mouth:

You sure liked sticking it in,

but you sure hate to deal with what came out.

That night he comes up and pesters me for sex.

Too tired to argue, I agree.

On the bed I lie emotionless, and motionless

while he does me.

He finishes and asks me with a sneer on his face

have fun, did you?

My response is a sigh, get out of bed

and to close the bedroom door behind me.

I sleep on the couch in my office,

preparing to repeat the day again tomorrow.

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