Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Spring

The spring has been coiled a long, long time.

Then unexpecctedly, it starts to uncoil;

I, hopelessly, try to wind it back.

It unwinds more.

Then they hit;

frustrated, scared, and fearful, I am.

And slowly, I realize the fight is useless.

The spring will unwind no matter how much I resist.

I take a deep breath, and shed a few tears for things will not be the same.

Coiled the spring seemed normal because it had been that way:

That way for years and years.

But now it is time to let uncoil.

Let it uncoil to its natural state.

Let it uncoil all the way.

Breath deep, relax as it uncoils.

And look at the beauty of the uncoiled spring.

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