Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No More

The season of joy is arriving.
You will see him,
spend time with him,
laugh with him,
smile with him
and create memories with him.

Then suddenly you won't.
He is gone
from your presence.
No more will you see him,
nor spend time with him,
nor laugh with him,
nor smile with him,
nor create memories with him.

Others tell you he is in a better place
but that does not lessen your pain
for no more will you see him
nor touch him, nor hug him,
nor feel his warmth, and nor his caring,
nor comfort nor be comforted by him.

You are only left with a question:
Why? Why you my son?
For which there is no answer.
Only knowing you will see him,
touch him, hug him,
feel his warmth and caring,
and feel his comfort and be comforted by him
no more.

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