Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am a Good Girl - Five Years Later

Five years have gone by and much has changed.

I am almost finished with college.

It has not been easy with my daughter.

I was such a "good girl" then.

I needed to be that because otherwise,

I would have been a "bad girl".

"Good girl" or "bad girl" the choice was easy to make.

So I let him do what he wanted with my body

because being a "good girl" was who I was,

and a "good girl" will always please her partner.

That's what I believed then.

I had unprotected sex, and then a baby

because that is what he wanted, not me.

However, I had to be a "good girl".

During my pregnancy, I began to stand up to him

for now it was not just about him and me.

And after she was born, I stood up to him even more.

I fought more and more with him, so eventually, I told him bye.

Really, I did not want her, but she has taught me something

that I will treasure and teach her.

I will teach her to that she does not have to be a .good girl".

Instead, she can say stand up for herself, say no and mean it!

and still be a Good Girl.

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