Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Way

Going back to my mom, which is what I wanted.

I was saying my last good-byes to a special friend

who helped me get out of here.

Here where dad wanted me, and controlled me, or so he thought

for he had taught me well, and I learned well from the master.

He wanted me to to smile and be lady-like, so I did.

It made him happy.

Always I kept my front up even in front of my special friend,

except when we were alone in private.

He was so lonely, so desperate for someone;

He loved me, and I loved him for what I needed him for.

He was nervous at first, but I told him if he loved me,

he would do it my way, so he gave freely without care.

When he did, he saw a big smile for him on my face.

Eventually a chain reaction was set in motion.

The end result was that I was here,

going back to mom. I was happy.

Time to go; I say bye.

As I go to through security to my jet,

I wonder two things: if he has realized

that not everything I was carrying could be seen,

and also how long should I carry the unseen baggage.

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