Friday, February 24, 2012


Stop, I want to stop; however, I feel as I cannot.
I must do what you want; I have no choice,
even though fear fills every pore of my body.

So I go forward, against my better judgment,
for I feel that forward is the only option.
My body trembles with anxiety.

I want to stop so bad - so bad that is hurts,
yet I feel I cannot, so I get lost in my head.
Thus hopelessness is the only emotion my body feels.

Then I do what you want, and all blows up in my face.
You yell at me for things beyond what I should know.
My body cries silently for years and years.

I so wish I could go back in time,
and to the point where I was, but this time
I would say stop, stop, stop. no, No, NO.

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Στρατηγικοί Εξοπλισμοί said...

Well, you have to start saying "NO" at some point...

Sef said...

I agree, but for some people it is easier than others.