Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blind Spots

You pretended to care about me.

You had me believe you cared about me.

You pretended to believe what we did was right.

You had me believe it was right.

You told me it was right.

You made me feel guilty, when I protested

You knew my blind spots and wormed your way into me through them.

You were a spider to my fly.

You pushed me to go further than I wanted to.

You manipulated me into doing what I did not want to do.

You told me what we did was right when it was not.

You had me believe it was the right thing to do, when it was not.

You cared only about yourself, never me.

You would have cared about me, if you had left me alone.

You instead left me with a hole that has turned into a scar.

You left me with a scar that still bleeds from time to time.

You left me with doubt about myself.

You left me with a pain that has never entirely eased.

You, who I still carry at times, still laugh at me.

You still mock me in my head for me believing you love me.

You, will I ever be free of you?

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