Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giving Up is Not So Easy

by Ashish

There was a Jack ,
Discriminated like a black ,
He knew no what he lacked ,
But he did'nt try to fight back.

But later he knew ,
Something brand new ,
That the morning dew ,
Was meant for only a few..

He Discovered at last ,
That he was losing his grip fast ,
the sea of problems was vast ,
And he felt like an outcast.

Things were the same ,
He did not feel sane ,
knew that he was going insane ,
but he did not feel the pain.

He felt so numb ,
He thought he was dumb ,
he couldnt speak nor say ,
and Suicide was the only way.

He had nothing to lose , Nothing to gain,
For everyone else it was a mere game ,
He knew for sure that the things were the same ,
And also he was insane .

He never wished mediocrity ,
Always had wanted aristocracy ,
He opened his eyes to see ,
Only to find that he was amidst the sea.

His dreams were big , ambitions passionate ,
He knew that this was his fate ,
It was not or it would be too late ,
He dived in the sea , Wishing to be at the heaven gate ,
But darn his fortune ...He landed on a floating crate...

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