Saturday, September 12, 2009


Alone, yet not.
People around me, yet no one to talk to.
Isolated in a box that no one can see
nor I know how to open.

Silent screams echo in my head,
reverberating constantly.
No one hears them; not even I.

Starting anew this is to expected.
The old life was safe and secure,
but it was a dead end.

Risk taking is hard and not always rewarding;
however, without risk, life is boring and dull.
Riskless life becomes an ever darkening black.

Because of a change, new doors open,
and old ones close.
At times, the old ones may be wished upon;
nevertheless, they are better off closed.

A whiteness appears as new doors open
and excitement and joy live again.
Wonderment over what will come,
and what will be.

For new doors are best opened slowly
and the newness appreciated,
so the past can be remembered
while risks are taken.

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