Saturday, November 29, 2014

Standing Up

You cannot do x.

I have done it for years and like it.

Feeling bad; wondering what I have done wrong.

Inside me the anger festers.

Breathing deep, my anger calms down with time.

Finding someone who I thought I wronged, I talk to her.

She tells me you did nothing wrong.

The president is there, and tells me to continue helping.

Standing up for myself, talking in a calm voice, helped me.

Made me feel happy with myself.

Second time in a week.

First time, elsewhere, I was asked about a friend who I love.

She has medical issued, and he asked me why go with this loser?

I answered in firm voice that she is great.

He shut up.

Smiling for standing up for myself.

Standing up for me has been the right decision.

For if I do not stand up for myself, who will?

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