Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Door

Unexpectedly, the phone rings, and he asks if he can stop by.

Yes, my voice says after listening to my heart.

My mind inquires of my heart 'is this right?  You know he has someone.'

'Does he really?' comes the reply. 'Maybe he wants me.'

My mind whirls not only with possibilities of love, marriage, and family,

but with me destroying something he has (may have.)

What should my decision be? What door is right for me, for us?

'He and me are the right decision' tells my heart.

'Are you so sure?' comes the reply.  'Do you want him to change you for someone else one day?'

'He will not. He loves me now and forever'

A cold silence is the reply.

Time ticks slowly by as no knock is heard.

My heart tells my mind 'maybe you have a point.'

My mind answers 'maybe you do too.'

They go on talking about what is the right decision.

Suddenly a rap on the door interrupts my wondering of what to do.

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As my heart and mind move toward the door to open it, they choose a door to go through.

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